What is Plan-R?

Plan-R is an industrial system that implements advanced innovative approaches to the management of construction projects. Plan-R allows you to synchronize the activities of all business functions and departments involved in the implementation of the project, identify planning collisions at an early stage, control any deviations in the course of work and, based on analytical data, make timely and adequate management decisions, reducing the risk of failure of the project deadlines.


And who is this system for?

Plan-R is suitable for a wide range of companies, from organizations that perform small projects as an executor (perhaps using the product as a universal project management system), to large corporations that implement project portfolios and programs as a general contractor, customer, investor, etc.


Who is the direct user of the system?

Any of the project stakeholders. Plan-R implements a unique methodology for 5-level project planning and control, providing verified interfaces for working with the project from the level of the company's management to the direct executors of the work. For each level of management, Plan-R has developed an optimal visual representation, defined the required data detail, a possible set of parameters and indicators, as well as a mechanism for communication between different levels, which ensures the continuity of the planning process, the relevance of data at each level, end-to-end updating and the basis for making informed management decisions.


How to install Plan-R?

Plan-R is a web service. To start working in the system, you only need to have a personal mobile or stationary device with Internet access and a browser installed. The software itself is deployed on our company's servers. At the same time, if necessary, Plan-R can be deployed on the server capacity of the enterprise, while access to it will also be carried out using a web browser over the internal network.


Is it a Russian or foreign product?

Plan-R is a fully Russian import-independent product created by Digital Practices, a company accredited by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation as an organization engaged in software development (entry number in the register-13597)


Is your software licensed?

Yes, Plan-R is registered in the unified national register of computer programs and databases (registration number 2020661908). The copyright holder is Digital Practices LLC


Is Plan-R the same that Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera?

Our product includes the main functions of working with network schedules like in Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera, but has a much wider application field and has unique functionality.


What unique functionality does Plan-R have?

Creating an integrated project schedule using the tool for automatically linking the work of various project schedules, identifying collisions between schedules, evaluating the actual and projected deviation of the timing of key project events from the target plan, forming a critical path for each of the project milestones, instant analytics for the entire project portfolio/program with detail to projects, schedules and versions of schedules , generating weekly-daily plan forms and automatic fact loading, and more.


What is an integrated schedule?

An integrated, consolidated, or integrated project schedule is a project execution schedule that includes work on all (or several) activities implemented on the project. At the same time, the corresponding activities from different project schedules should be linked to each other to assess the impact on the planned finish of the project.


That is, an integrated project schedule can be formed in any project management software, like Plan-R, Oracle Primavera or Microsoft Project?

Not always. For example, most systems of network schedules planning do not support comfortable work with schedules containing 20 or more thousand activities, although, for example, schedules of equipment and materials procurement on large projects most often contain more than tens of thousands of activities. At the same time, manually linking the relevant work from different project schedules can require hundreds of man-hours of qualified specialized specialists, while Plan-R provides the ability to instantly automatically link work using link codes.


Are the graphs created in Plan-R or downloaded from other systems?

You can do both. Plan-R can be used as a full-fledged network schedules planning system for creating, editing multi-level schedules "from scratch" and calculating schedules directly in the system interface.


And in what formats can I upload schedules?

Schedules can be downloaded in the formats of most network schedules planning systems (Oracle Primavera, Microsoft Project, Spider Project, etc.), as well as in Microsoft Excel format as the most universal format for exporting data from most enterprise systems.


What is the maximum count of jobs in the charts supported by the system?

Plan-R supports work with schedules containing up to 1 million activities.


And can I upload reports?

Of course! The report format is configured in the system interface.


Should Plan-R replace other project management planning systems and enterprise ERP systems?

Not obligatory. Plan-R can be used as an independent full-fledged system for creating and managing project schedules, and can serve as a calculating and analytical module for making management decisions on the existing IT architecture of the enterprise.


Where has this methodology been applied?

The innovative approaches implemented in our product have been successfully applied to various industrial and civil construction projects, including nuclear power plant construction projects in various countries around the world.


How many people are required to work and maintain the system?

One administrator is required to configure and maintain the project. Depending on the scheme of creating/loading the source data, the system may have responsible specialists (one or more) from each type of project activity. Various counterparties involved in the implementation of the project can also have access to the system in the mode of entering actual data. The number of users with access to read and download analytical data is determined by the organizational structure of the enterprise and the number of levels of management decision-making.


What qualifications do you need to have to work in the system?

To create schedules and configure projects you need basic knowledge in the field of network schedules planning, and you do not need special knowledge to download schedules and get analytical data.


Is the data model of Plan-R applicable to the specifics of our projects?

Plan-R allows for flexible configuration for almost any data model: the composition of schedules on the project, the rules for linking and indexing collisions, lists of project milestones, calculated deadlines, the analytics block, etc. is configured for the specifics of a particular project.


Do I need a technical specialist to set up and maintain the system?

No. All settings of projects, links, indicators, calculations, views, etc. are carried out directly in the system interface and do not require special knowledge.


Does the system support multi-user mode?

Plan-R implements a full-fledged role model with configurable access levels, scopes, and rights to work in the system and enter actual data, depending on the user's role. The number of roles and their configuration is carried out by the administrator directly in the system interface without the need to contact technical specialists. The number of participants working in the system at the same time is not limited.


What other interesting features does the System contain?

For example, automatic calculation of the directive terms of work of the supporting schedules, including the intermediate steps of their execution, which allows you to create a supporting schedule with relevant deadlines based on a single list of items (for example, equipment, or working documentation) and transfer it to the appropriate department for execution. In this way, you can create purchase and delivery schedules based on the specification for all steps of the product life cycle, starting from the receipt of the initial technical requirements, and ending with the date of delivery to the project site. At the same time, all calculation rules are configured directly in the system interface.


Can I try it?

Yes, the system is available at, you can register and test the system for free in demo access mode on our test data.


Do you have a user manual?

Of course! You can download the user's guide for working in the system from our website at the link


Can I ask you something else?

Of course! You can write to us at Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript., or call us at +79958800040



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