PLAN-R is the first industrial development that implements advanced innovative approaches to construction project management. They have been tested and proven themselves in Russia and abroad on complex engineering projects in the field of industrial and civil construction.
PLAN-R allows you to synchronize the activities of all business functions and departments involved in the implementation of the project, identify scheduling conflicts at an early stage, monitor any deviations during work, and use analytical data to make timely and adequate management decisions, thereby reducing the risk of failing to deliver the project on time




PLAN-R is used in technically complex projects where managers and participants need to control a large number of different activities.


These can be construction, mining, production, and any other large-scale projects.


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The system allows for:

  1. A quick start and team mobilization when launching projects in the company.

  2. Full information transparency of projects for team members.

  3. Automatic synchronization of various activities on projects.

  4. Automatic identification of project problems at an early stage as they occur.

  5. Reduction of labor costs for project management and maintenance.

  6. Automation of routine management functions as much as possible.

  7. Preparation of an optimal project implementation plan in terms of "time–cost–quality".


The system implements the following principles:

  • Short deployment and implementation times.

  • Implementation does not disrupt existing management processes.

  • A real reduction in the workload on the company's employees.

  • The intuitive interface does not require long training.


The system implements any of the five project management levels


For each management level, PLAN-R has an optimal visual display, the required data detail, a set of parameters and indicators, as well as a mechanism for communication between different levels, which ensures the continuity of the planning process, the relevance of data at each level, end-to-end updating, and the basis for making informed management decisions.



Project analytics

PLAN-R allows you to create a multi-level hierarchical structure of enterprise projects and monitor key project indicators using a well-developed analytics system.

• Management object:
  project portfolio

• Management subject:
  project portfolio manager

• Management and analysis interface:
  project tree with built-in analytics

• Management level:


Аналитика по проектам



PLAN-R allows you to monitor the timely achievement of project milestones and identify the sources of deviations from their targets.

• Management object:

• Management subject:
  project manager

• Management and analysis interface:
  monitoring and analysis of milestones

• Management level:


Ключевые события


Integrated schedule

PLAN-R allows you to synchronize various business functions on the project, identify and eliminate scheduling conflicts at an early stage as they occur.

• Management object:
  integrated schedule

• Management subject:
  project management office's employees

• Management and analysis interface:
  Gantt chart with a display system

• Management level:
  organizational and technological


Интегрированный график


Calculation module

PLAN-R allows you to create and calculate schedules for business functions and calculate all supporting activities on the project.

• Management object:
  separate type of activity on the project

• Management subject:
  functional area manager

• Management and analysis interface:
  detailed schedule by type of activity with a calculation module

• Management level:


Расчетный модуль


Schedule updating

PLAN-R allows you to perform detailed scheduling of activities and ensure the collection of actual data, as well as automatically transmit information on the progress of activities to higher levels.

• Management object:
  actual implementation of activity plans

• Management subject:
  contractor (foreman, supervisor, etc.)

• Management and analysis interface:
  project tree with built-in analytics

• Management level:


Актуализация графиков





It is distributed as an Internet service, special actions for installing software on the user's side are not required. Warranty service, technical support and software modernization are carried out by Digital Practices LLC (a Russian commercial organization without foreign participation).

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